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Payment and Refund Policy:

VibrantPlacements.com offers services to employers seeking to connect with potential employees. Employers are charged a fee for utilizing our platform to post job openings and access our talent pool.

Job Posting: Employers are charged for posting job openings on VibrantPlacements.com. Once a job posting is made and paid for, refunds will not be provided.

Talent Access: Employers who purchase access to our talent pool are not eligible for refunds once the access has been granted.

Please carefully review the services you are interested in before making any payments. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, pricing, or payment process, please contact our support team at support@vibrantplacements.com before proceeding.


VibrantPlacements.com is committed to providing a platform for employers to connect with potential employees. While we aim to facilitate successful connections, we do not guarantee job placements and advise employers to exercise due diligence in their hiring processes.